Past curfew

dawn creeps slowly in
the blush of her reddened knees
secrets of the night


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naked in the yard
skinny branches hang heavy
turn your eyes away

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Together alone

A braided haze of smoke
those mortal strings
fold into themselves
curling in a blaze of autumn sky
climbing the yoke of discord
fist over foot
in a clear bright plume

the bench, shady, comforts
you and I
stare at the sky
tracing the path of least resistance
as the violin’s solo lament rises
stark against the brilliant panorama
of sunset

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Laundry Day


vacantly spinning threads 
mother folds warm white towels
we all stare ahead

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Accordion King

Ice-cream pastels
paint the dirty sidewalks
shielding them from the
ugly truth

girls and boys 
and accordion king
smiling, lick and drip 
and drop and play 
the day
into another melting sun

but underneath
the coral, green and lemon spots
we drip and drop
and all look up
when the accordion stops


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Perfect Stranger

boy meets girl
at the corner grocer
sorting through the choicest fruit
in the next cubicle over
overheard but just now seen
or better yet
there’s a headlong collision
on a teeming sidewalk

the karmic clap
sends boy reeling
gaping like a madman
hanging on for dear life
to the edges of her smile
the momentous occassion
valencia perfection

eye to eye
all that offbeat alchemy
all that je ne sais quois
all that glory to be had–
Palpable. Tangible.

If only
she wasn’t.

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No plans

she comes to me, stepping lightly
in between spaces, and tall buildings
sidewalk cafés leaking
dirty streams of vapid laughter
into the evening,
polluting the air

she tells me I judge too harshly

I reach to her, without a word 
to brush wisps of night 
from her shadowed face
as we walk, hand in hand
I, filled with her
and she, my only friend

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Cliche collage

They say that you cannot lose what you never had. I breathe deep into the night as you smoke your cigarette out on the porch. Like a vigilant kitty, I sit on the swing and watch you out of the corner of my eye. The lights from the street swim their way through the cracks in the fence and splash onto you. You look like a 3rd grade arts and crafts project with different shapes and colors in splotches all over your body. You meet my gaze, then turn away.

They say if you love something let it go. The smoke is thick around us, and the only sounds are your breath as you take another pull and the slow creak of the swing. The occasional breeze picks my thoughts like a guitar. The tune goes unnoticed as it drifts above us, and sets the air humming. It’s been so long since I’ve shared myself out loud with you. As the last embers of your cigarette set on your face like the perfect sunset we never got to see, you slowly rise. In the empty darkness I can feel your eyes linger on me for a while. They silently take me in, as if the tiny shifts in your pupils were discussing the unspoken language of my body, asking me whether I was ready for bed.

They say if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. My ears pick up your footsteps falling steadily on the carpeted stairs; the muffled vibrations pass through me with hardly a thought. Little remnants of you, of me, of us, have pooled in the corners like shadows, forever a reminder of choice and consequence. Like jumbled clothes strewn about in a whirlwind of passion, to be later regretfully trod upon and wrinkled beyond recognition. So many years and tears have made these rooms what they are, they’ve filled the house like a nagging thought, always just at the tip of my tongue. The sounds of you have become instilled forever in my subconscious.

I guess sometimes it comes down to trial and error. You reap what you sow, and there comes a time when you need to get your hands dirty. I sit there for a moment before I follow you inside and make my way to bed.

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Post Completion Ponderings

Dry silence stalks the city
only the tepid thoughts tip-toe
through the muggy night
even pillow whispers, parched,
rattle and hack

July heat hovers
like a scratchy blanket
and his elbow presses into my side
like a nagging thought
which won’t leave you
even after you’re asleep

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Practical art

your morning coffee mug
abandoned on the formica
cool muddy red
as if to spite my probing gaze,
the redolent dregs
at the bottom

It stares back at me
quietly daring me
to read into your practical aesthetics
every curve
every ridge
every imperfection
is suggestive
betraying too much
of you

a choice

and how could I dare
assume the likes of such?

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